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by Hit The Switch

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  • Limited Edition Metallic SILVER w/ Marbled Effect LP
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    Limited Edition Metallic SILVER "Marble Effect" Vinyl Record
    Hand Numbered
    150 Gram
    Upgraded Jacket
    Deluxe Upgraded Polybag
    Limited to150 World Wide

    Includes unlimited streaming of Entropic via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Perigee 03:54
Space cloud to moon transmissions loud but incomplete, I felt her croons sedate the night winds song to sleep, wrote the solemn word in stone, forever longing to the world, she takes a breath of anguish felt throughout those monotone beats like a prayer, and now my heart feels it too. We fell a long way from the wire, I know I'm not alone I felt her love as the presence came alive, it's all inside of me, but I'm losing the fight! Scream line... And I see orbital debree! Lost the Undefended hope no one noticed we can't Stop battling ourselves for meaning always letting problems grow, retraced the steps to find our home, among the fires we kept lit, this lonely planet drifts across the rift, into the dark matters of mankind, wait!
 back to the moment we both tried, and if they leave the rest behind, I know we'll still survive, I saw the marks upon your face, and as time slowed you looked at me, you grabbed my hand for the last time I felt your needs! When the final warning woke the match spread fire as oceans rise up and take shape...I still remember everything! ...it was the moment you took care, it's been in me and all this time you know that I never thanked you right. (I've owed you since) You know it means so much to me, (it mean so much) you've shown me the light!
Redundant protoplasm spouting out indecencies over a crowded sea of subservient meek! The preconditioning of dominate culture for further assault, its just to break the ice, a non inclusive and indirect indication of the presence of, domestic threats that can now be met with full force. The Full suppression of rival contention is made in part by contributions from, those who's comply. The modeled and upright is reserved and pacified, total detachment comes equipped with filtered blinds, until you see the images across the screen, A fleeting point you just need, and then you're done with your meaningless deed! with no actual guilt, or active dissent, just a notion to repent your whole life, can you please just verify?! And Testify our demise! That's why no one likes us, reviled apathy and no remorse just hate, and senseless pain. When everyone stands by, the machine comes to life! Evil exemplified! We're not all blessed with life's meaning, there's no altruistic guardians inviting us this time, we're not the cause were just the conduit for entropy in vein, amounting to an end that we all serve the same, Ways! You spent your whole life defined within their means, an obligation not to bite the hand that feeds, but when the crosshairs appear on your loved ones back, will you still be loyal to your flag?!
Down and Out 02:32
I've been sitting by myself just bumming out, I lost the bright side in the crowd, The more I look the less I've found, and in the deepest dark I see no sign of bleeding hearts remain within the silence falls her name When those little limbs get pushed up by the waves I saw your lifeless body drowned, and that's when I dropped to the ground, and as I cursed those rolling clouds they thundered back in unison, *it shook the words and I felt myself come undone, and there I lie still Holding on. *it's up to you to accept what can't be undone, and there I lie still holding on. The middle of the path You see my bridge is broken down, and you felt so compelled to stick around, told me just run into the waves, just grow your light, just know your safe, and know you're mine! So when all this fades away I'll still be waiting for the right time to let go, because it's everything I know, maybe Im a little scared to be alone maybe I'm just scared to leave, I can't pull the shades from over me... And as I drift away remember that I tried my best to give, my withered heart still bleeding red, and silent
Under the storm at midnights sea, decipherable intent to rival from inside, and while we feast on their dead ends a means to vilify dissent, a formal grace has mystified sentiments, the walrus and the fisherman. Your welcome to join pursuit, the game it never ends, we made a place for all mankind, the precious gift is more than mans dying heart, the catalyst of growing fear in us all, and coveted appeal Or... We are the catalyst relented by, imploring superficial discount fallacies, inept to bridge the connection between the suffering and vein, remains a plaguing symptom of our growing fears, and coveted appeal. Chastise the malice king, the self appointed martyrs of the privileged class, wearing rulers clothes and spouting judges quotes like mass, indoctrinated tools, the shepherds finest white domestications, right before your eyes, all forming a line! We are the marks across, the vein severed from all around us, invented new suspicions interchangeable, and for every new exclusion millions of more victimized by nameless self consumed complacent passive dependents, so just rank single file. The world is not your own... it's not just another war...this is all we know and don't …
I remember years back always longing through those days spent all alone, You found a friend in me and then later we made four, then one by one I watched you leave, but I got those heart felt memories, there still fading in through broken waves I couldn't bring myself to move I just stayed alone, and if I could free this sound, you'd hear me now, cause I've been building up the strength to just write let you know, I still believe in this broken road. That's when my heart went black as you walked away, but I kept the fire inside, and it still burns in spite of this, I chased it to the ground and lost the meaning found the purpose now and I'm learning to make mends, finding my way back again, just let it filter in! I'm sorry for the time you wasted helping me out, just know I'm always proud of what we did with what we had, I chased it! to the ground, and you watched me face dive, the lights when out and with it left the meaning in the sound, (and I still feel it in my soul) ...cause when I held back the pain I felt, as you walked away, I made sure to keep the fire, and now it burns in spite of this, (I never left I stayed alone) and when i knew you'd given up on me, it ripped me apart and I couldn't help but cry. There's still remains this pain inside, and I can't let it die.
North Star 02:50
Drifting through the marsh we made it just outside the bend, no one had sought the cost we all lost in the end, And when the harsh and bitter cold struck down the last of our lone wolves we painted black our faces with their blood and ashes, then we stoked the flames and rode the wind. Bogged down by the waves we spotted hope in that Old lighthouse in the dark, but its too late, we're not whole, were not welcome anymore, and never the same, We're still battling our old ways... A peace made with a man and his disease, He saw their pain, and He couldn't help but feel the connection, the realization all this was for him, now he drops to his knees and asks again. We burn the woods to learn the worst, it hurts but still we can't give in, it cant be fate, it can't be moved, get over it! just move along and don't look down, just keep your self alive, your up and moving down the road, but still can't find those hidden stones, no I can't do this on my own, cause I need you to bring me home! All night burns the most of all the worst and best have got a lot to live, but they have graves, so tell me not of the tales that strike our fears, they can disappear, cause I'm still battling my old ways.
Can't stop the hell you said but you didn't even try, and what reasons did you use to make it seem alright, and it's been getting old and I'm not fighting for your time, it's just that I want to get by, so Ill just keep myself inside, cause no one needs to know about the old critical me, there's unstoppable sadness and I'm not moving on with it i know there's still this pain and guilt I feel within we all should know, just what it's like to live like them, to really need help and never get it... Not that it matters quite as much to me I know I'm not the same, and all of that time I spent alone I still lost myself to this, and when I look back I want to know that I did what I could with this, to give all I can give, in someone's last defense. I know we're not incapable, we just dismiss the warning signs, were so detached from feeling what they might excused from the collective guilt, the margin shifts, but then no one stops to give a shit so I wont force a smile, when everyone is having so much fun, It just doesn't feel right, I can't forget why everything's so sad, and it's digging out my heart until nothings left, the house we built within stands in contempt Then I felt so ashamed we took all were allowed gave nothing back I pray for wild teeth cut right across my neck, spill my insides are worth way more than Im meant to keep, and when I'm gone it's not in vein, their lives are not ours to forsaken. I know this is killing us, but all you have to do is tell me now, and I'll come home… Some were all lost some way out there, some where those lost they're hope and care...and some hold on instead, left open all gather to stare, and their eyes tell stories going Nowhere, the point fades in and out of view, this wasnt meant for us take, can't put it back once it's been changed!!! the more I try I learn how not you run away from all my problems, pulling back to find what caused them all this time, I kept it to myself in fear of everything that's left, it falls apart and I'm not strong enough to keep the dark at bay, this is where I remain, I won't let you know, I'll stay on my own, I'm stuck in this place that's never been home, and I'm still here alone! it never changed these outer shells, won't keep me warm at night where resentment and my silence grow, I know this all falls on me, and I can't be there for you when it comes apart I have let you down, just tell me what you need, and as it softly puts down to sleep, and all you have to do is die here next to me, when we both lie beneath this crumbled world is obsolete, And fading out as we reached the edge, I still hold you close to me for one last time, then we both drift aside
The crimes of prophets past in remission, for polarized indifference, cast as your reprieve, more indemnified formalities The unleash is grows the rate of emergence, and we all die for just the cost of life consumables, and war sustainable returns, but I'm not allegiant of exclusive rights, fuck national pride! I couldn't find the righteousness under your bed, where did you leave it or did you just lied to me instead, this is a moral judgment not exclusive to the privileged me, but I feel that I am torn between your battle grounds, and my own, they still grow. So when violent citizens retaliate oppressive force, your criticisms feed their Trojan horse, a systematic efforts to relent us from inside, when no one feels we all must pay the price
The killing floor is yours, take the stage and clean your plate, I know it's all so gross, pick the pain up and see their face We are a world alone confused, but we evolve to take total control! I need a medic fast, I need a brain to think up plans, I feel the violent past, and I can't take the words, from, my, dumb, mouth. This is a war they wage unto, and it's a culling innocence for us to give, we are the ones who fight to choose, and I bet the worst is yet to come I see the pain I know that you can see it too... We are a world confused, we pull apart to see the glue, we've broken all the rules, and now we're all so fucked!
State sponsored violence in the city streets, resounding passive ripened docility, just waiting for the " world to end" so they can die in peace. what a beautiful gift received, the righteous throne bakes daily bread, for mass submissions decorated first world self involved oblique oppressions, of more imploding dismal apathies! I stopped to notice you and you saw my emptiness I couldn't tell, if i remembered once a presence felt, excuse the rage, it's not a part of who I am but part of what We've all become, I know it's wrong and I still share the blame, our rendered shame has born a callousness in me! The victims made invisible or villainized remain unseen.
 atrocities endured by innocent remain unspoken of, by privileged fucks exploiting influence, a stark revealing nature of the path, a model systematically in place, on our own huddled mass denial, appalling is to leave this remanence of design.
Its been so long since our last moments seemed like seconds passing by like years, so long since I last felt your heart against my chest, and ive tried so long to keep these memories alive that ive forgotten how it feels to live within your reach at all. Please dont fade away. Those nightingale moonlights, stretched colors cast along the canvas sky, igniting sparks flash by, I see them even when I close my eyes, it stops right when I try, but I can still hear you say man I got your back...Just know,
 it's everything to me to know you noticed and invited me to take this ride, we clenched our fists and turn the pain into the light, cause when I break you build me up, it's cause of you I still got love, it's all Im Made for all I'm worth, and you keep me holding on!!! I'm sorry things can't be the same, i buried my thoughts deep and felt ashamed of all the makeshift in my worth, and when i break you build me up, its cause of you that i have love, its all i need when life gets tough, because it keeps me hanging on, and still the hardest part is with, the letting go of all this shame, its always hardest when you know, this time the lights are fading out, wait!
Apogee 05:24
A late martyr to us all, the ever growing presence cradled in her womb through all these years, while beaten by the sun, and through her silenced cries they failed to make things right, among the million times we tried but to no avail, the might of all is burned.... I felt the reeling of our hearts intrepid sight, we can't see the worlds suffering and vulnerable inside, its not her need to come undone, it's just the markings of our selfish impulsions, the coming sun!
 I felt the anger come over me, I lost sight, i victimized the pain, I saw the worst in each strangers faceless name, it's not the way that this had to be, we all bought meaning from our lives, entire values were all prescribed, and all minds commodified! I felt the burning of her grip, and it laced right though my heart, I felt alone but I still kept it moving on, and once I couldn't feel the pain, I released it to the world a feeling touched by all the same, I couldn't see I felt the collective betrayed ( or pain subside) , this futile few that kept the night, traveled a thousand years to learn break the soul, is it appealing to you now. This all stops when you change... all of this pain we can't realize, it's someone else's home, she witnessed the killing of loved ones they died in vein, and though I couldn't speak for her, I felt the overwhelming loss and everything becomes as one, i see myself I see wife I see my son, this isn't new to Mother Earth, she has allowed the seventh sun to be the final one, last embrace before it's gone, there's no more home.
 ....I share a common guilt here too...just call my name...we suffer all the same


Matt Hawks - vocals/guitar
(previously Nitro records) / Pour Habit (FAT records )
A. J. Condosta - Drums 
Voodoo Glow Skulls / Guttermouth / Jughead’s Revenge
Blake Kardashian - guitar
Chaser / DC Fallout / Sic Waiting / (Implants, Gods of Mount Olympus, and Sederra)
Ray Ramirez - Bass

Hit the Switch is a melodic thrash punk band formed in 2003 by high school friends, Matt Hawks and Jerry Fenn. They recorded their first demo with Dave Swanson and TJ Rivera at Love Juice studios. Followed by numerous local shows, and releasing an acoustic EP, as well as their first LP entitled “spread the disease”, the band then signed to Nitro records and released “domestic tranquillity and social justice” in 2006. Hitting the road with multiple tours in the U.S. and Europe, and playing with legendary bands Strung Out, the Vandals, NOFX authority zero, Guttermouth,  the band gained momentum and went full force when they released their third LP  entitled “observing infinities”, an evolution of the bands signature sound. Throughout the next few years, the band toured relentlessly, and added drummer AJ Condosta of Jugheads revenge, and Voodoo Glow Skulls to the roster. Matt Also joined forces Pour Habit (FAT records) becoming the bands new guitarist. The band went on to release a cover of Pink Floyd’s “welcome to the machine” and single track “retroactive” in 2011. Now, after a 7 year stretch, the band have returned with “Entropic”, a fast paced explosion of thrashing melodies, with a lyrical emphasis on post societal decay, and civilizations collective indifference. To be released on Bird Attack records on September 25th 2018.


released September 25, 2018

All songs were written by Hit the Switch with a special thanks to Efrem Schulz for guest vocals on Slaughterhouse 13.
Recorded at TJR Recording Studio & Love Juice.
Mastered at The Blasting Room


all rights reserved



Bird Attack Records Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Established 2012
Jax Beach, FL
Founded by
Garrett Wadford
based on an absolute
unwavering love
for punk rock.
Fast, Loud, Shredding, Melodic, Skate punk to be exact.

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